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Dodge Ram

This is a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Laramie, 2WD, standard cab, long bed with the 5.2L (318ci) V8 and the 5-speed manual transmission named "Truckie". Yes I named my truck. I ordered it in mid January '01 and had it by the end of February. Below is a pic that was taken soon after I bought Truckie. No running boards yet.

The next series of four pics were taken during the summer of '01.

The next pic was taken during a trip to Cresson Pennsylvania over the fourth of July, '02.

The day after I took delivery of Truckie, I took it to Ziebart for the installation of a Rhino Lining. The lining has faded a bit in the sun, but an application of Armor All makes it look like new. There's also a dedicated cleaning product distributed by Rhino Linings, but it's expensive and seems to do about the same job as Armor All.

Next I installed an aluminum diamond plate tool box in the truck bed. Pickup trucks are substantially less expensive if your willing to forego an extended cab and stick with the standard cab. For my purposes the tool box was the more fanatically feasible option.

I love the way '94-'01 Rams look right from the factory. The only aesthetical problem that I have with these trucks is the gray plastic trim piece around the bottom of the front bumper. You can get this piece in any color you want so long as it's gray. I thought it looked dumb since the body color and all the rest of the trim is black. So I removed the trim piece, took it to my local body shop and had it painted black. While I was at it, I also had some black paint applied to the plastic bezels surrounding the fog lights inside the bumper. Two and a half years later the paint is holding up just fine and I think Truckie looks a whole lot better. The pic below shows Truckie with my E-Maxx R/C truck in the foreground. Here you can see how the bumper trim now nicely matches the rest of the truck.

My next addition was a set of aluminum diamond plate running boards. I got them directly from Dodge specifically for my model truck so the installation was pretty straight forward. I thought they were a nice complement to the tool box, but the biggest benefit turned out to be splash protection. Truckie stays a lot cleaner a lot longer.

My final upgrade was the addition of a Bazooka base tube (Truckie has the standard AM/FM/cassette factory system). The Bazooka was a big improvement, but I'm hoping to revamp the whole system at some point.

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