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Live Steam

Here's one of my hobbies that bit the dust when we decided to sell our old home and buy a new one. I was really just getting started with my live steam engine collection when everything was packed up and put into storage. So it may be a while before I'm able to revisit this web page and add more pics and content. But for now I can at least list what I have. Unfortunately I packed away all my stuff before I took any pics of my own. So most the images below were scavenged off the Internet. But they are an exact representation of what I actually have.

Jensen model 75 engine

This is the only Jensen engine in my collection and the only engine with an operating reverse link. The reverse link was my motivation for buying this engine as I think it's a particularly interesting movement. There are other engine models out there with a reverse link, but they're all far more expensive. You get what you pay for, though. I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the engine. There are quite a few steam leaks and the paint on the boiler base is unable to withstand the heat from the fire. But the engine does what I wanted it to do so overall I'm happy with it.

Mamod model SE3 engine

This Mamod is the only engine in my collection with double cylinders. It's also the only engine in my collection of the oscillating type. The rest are some variation of a slide valve engine. Check out Animated Engines to see great animated examples of an oscillating engine (click on Steam: Oscillating) and a slide valve engine (click on Steam: Locomotive). The SE3 is a discontinued model that I acquired on Ebay. I have no idea how old the model is, but I'd guess it was fairly common as the SE3s appear quite often on Ebay. Ebay is a great place to acquire these engines new or used. My SE3 seems to be in good shape except for a missing Water lever Plug. Spare parts are readily available, but I haven't yet gotten around to buying a replacement plug.

R.W. Machine model DAV-1 engine

The next engine is an R.W. Machine model DAV-1. This is a kit that I have yet to assemble. According to the web site, the DAV-1 engine is a machinable kit requiring a minimum amount of hand tools to complete the machining. However, I think I'll wait until I at least have a drill press before I tackle this project. I bought this kit because it was about the least expensive way to get myself an example of a beam engine. Check out Animated Engines again to see a Beam Engine in action (click on Steam: Watt Beam).

Welesco model D21 engine

This Wilesco model D21 engine is the first and most elaborate engine I acquired. It's also of the highest quality. Along with the engine I purchased a M 56 Model Plate and a M66 Dynamo. Everything is mounted up on a black piece of 3/4 inch plywood. This is the only engine of which I have my own pics. Unfortunately I neglected to dust it off first.

Welesco model D415 engine

My second Wilesco is a model D415 traction engine. The D415 is essentially the same as the D405 engine, but in kit form. This is a pre-machined kit that just goes together with simple hand tools. I had mine assembled within a few hours.

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Animated Engines
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Steve's Live Steam Collection
One of my favorite engine collections; and a great source of links

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