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Ford Crown Victoria
"The Bluesmobile"

During the summer of '03 I decided I needed a cheap beater car to take some of the wear and tear pressure off my Dodge Ram. The railroad commuter lot is just not the kind of environment I want to see my truck sitting in everyday. (By the way, after two and a half years of very careful ownership, the truck has no scratches or door dings (knock on wood). I'd like to keep it that way!) Back to my cheap beater car. I figured that "cheap" meant I'd be getting some little crappy compact car. In fact, that's just what I was looking for when I happened across an ad for a dealer that sells used police cars. These are more or less the same Crown Victorias you see in civilian form. But the second hand police cars tend to be quite a bit cheaper than their civilian counterparts. Hummm... Drive around in some little puddle-jumping piece of junk compact car? Or drive around in a Crown Victoria? Well duh!

The car I ended up with is a '92 that had 85k miles for $2500. It has a few minor dings, dents and scratches on the outside. Plus there are some plugged up holes and cut off wires from where the police radio and light equipment was stripped out. And it doesn't quite have all the bells and whistles you might find on a civilian car. On the other hand, everything works, it came with four new tires and new brakes and the car is equipped with some performance equipment you might not find on the civilian car. The steering was a little sloppy, but a day at the shop and some new tie rods took care of that. Otherwise it seems like a good, solid car well worth $2500.

You can also purchase police cars that are only two or three years old. Many of these cars are in absolutely outstanding condition inside and out and are still great buys.

For more information, check out the link below. This guy put together an excellent website that tells you just about everything you'd ever want to know about buying a used police car.

The Ford Police Interceptor Homepage

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