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Traxxas E-Maxx

My wife and I each have a Traxxas E-Maxx. Hers is the silver, mine is the red. The next four pics are from the mountains of West Virginia.

Here's my wife's E-Maxx fresh from the box.

Next up are two pics of my E-Maxx wearing a Parma Dodge Ram Body. The second pic shows the E-Maxx with big brother, my '01 Dodge Ram.

Traxxas likes to brag about their ďfan cooledĒ Titan motors, but I never fully understood the concept. The internal fan is a variation on the old squirrel cage idea, blowing warm air out the sides of the motor can. But I didnít really understand from where the cool air was supposed to enter the can to replace the warm air that is supposedly being blown out. The new Custom Motor Plate is not only thicker, but it has machined groves that expose the vents in the front of the motor can. With this arrangement Iím thinking that the internal fans may actually be worth something.

I tend to do a lot of high gear running in grass and I donít like to take cool down breaks between packs. So Iíve made a few mods directed toward keeping the motors cool. In addition to the new motor plate, Iíve also added Trinity heat sinks and an external fan. This is the same little Radio Shack fan 273-240 that Iíve been using for my Super Brain project. The fan is secured to the RPM front shock tower with zip ties and is a perfect fit. Itís as if the two components were made for each other. The fan is powered from both packs (12 or 14 cells). Thatís a lot of voltage for the little fan, but so far itís held together.

Iíve also routed the motor leads over top of the motors. This is better than the stock arrangement. Even though the arrangement looks uglier, it keeps the wires from getting fouled up with the batteries. The motors are connected to the EVX with Deans plugs. The Tamiya connector seen in the pic is actually for the fan leads.

What elseÖ I drilled through the shock towers such that each pair of shocks is secured with only one long screw and a nut. This is not a nitro truck, so I cut the easy start jack mount off the rear body mount (the only thing it was good for was busting a hole through the body).

And finally, the upgrades I have are:

RPM 3 Piece Wear Plates

RPM Shock Towers

RPM Front Bumper

RPM Rear Bumper

Hitec 945 Steering Servo

Kimbough #124 Servo Saver

Traxxas Titanium Rear Turnbuckles

Ball Bearings for the steering cranks

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