Jeff-Z's Pinball Golf

One game is played on each available machine.

Each machine has an assigned objective. The objective is not a high score. The objective is something simple that an average player could expect to achieve within three balls.

The goal of Pinball Golf is to achieve each objective with as few balls as possible. Achieving the objective on ball two would count as two strokes, for example.

The maximum number of strokes per machine is four which indicates that the objective was not achieved within the allotted three balls.

No extra balls. Extra balls must be plunged away without flipping or nudging. The extra ball counts as a stroke if it happens to achieve the objective.

The game on each machine must be played to its conclusion. The player with the highest score subtracts one stroke.

Strokes are totaled for each game and the player with the least number of strokes wins the round.

Below is a sample of objectives for machines I own.


Pinball Golf Objectives.

Below is a sample scorecard. Note that each machine has a high score winner as indicated by the player with a subtracted stroke.


Pinball Golf Scorecard.