Rules & Strategies

NOTE: The following is based on my particular game set to replay mode with mostly factory game adjustments. Results may vary.

New game; complete rules are on the way. Who am I kidding? It's been years and this page is still largely incomplete.

Bat Lanes: The Bat Lanes consist of three rollover lanes below a mini top arch at the upper right side of the playfield. The Bat Lanes are accessed by a plunger shot, a shot up the Pizza Passage (right orbit) or from the top center eject hole. Each rollover scores _____ points. Completing the Bat Lanes scores _____ points, increments the end of ball bonus multiplier (up to 5x ???), lights the Monster Slide ramp to spot an ELVIRA letter and lights lock. Lit Bat Lanes are ??? carried over from ball to ball. Since lane change is always available, there is no skill shot per se. As with most pinball machines, you get your ball back if you manage to drain without scoring any points. On Elvira this is pretty easy to do. If you miss the Bat Lanes, the ball will roll back down the Pizza Passage scoring no points. At that point it's best to let the ball drain and try again.

Jumper Bumpers: Jumper Bumpers are like regular bumpers except the bumper cap is attached to the rod and ring assembly and jumps accordingly. Neat! I believe Elvira was the first game to feature Jumper Bumpers. Note that the game manual incorrectly specs a conventional rod and ring assembly. Each Jumper Bumper lamp is separately controlled as opposed to simply being tied to a GI circuit which is also neat. A trio of Jumper Bumpers is located immediately below the Bat Lanes. Balls exit the Jumper Bumpers from above the JAM drop targets or to the Pizza Passage. Each bumper hit scores ______ points and increases the Boogie Bonus (if lit ?????).

Skull Passage: The Skull Passage is an orbit-like passage occupying the upper left area of the playfield. The entrance to the Skull Passage is easily identified by the cool looking 3D skull with blinking greens eyes. The passage leads to an inverted "U" behind the Flip Up Targets were balls are held or locked for multiball. When released, balls are launched up a perpendicular metal ramp and (hopefully) fly over the Top Eject Hole passage and into the Jumper Bumper nest.

Monster Slide Ramp: The Monster Slide ramp is a long ramp beginning to the right of the Skull and extending around the back of the playfield and down to the right inlane.

Flip Up Targets: The Flip Up Tragets are located to the right of the Monster Slide ramp entrance and comprise a pair of coffin-like targets. Hitting the target "flips up" the top half of the coffin revealing its occupant. Elvira (Chief COOK) is on the left. Drac (Chief KOOK) is on the right. Flipping the targets requires a reasonably solid hit. Soft shots won't do it. The targets reset at the beginning of each ball. I believe this Flip Up Target mechanism is unique to Elvira and the Party Monsters.

Top Eject Hole: Shots to the eject hole can be risky. If the ball doesn't make the hole, it may roll straight down the middle.

JAM Drop Targets:

Party Punch Ramp:

Dead Heads Targets:

Pizza Targets:






Extra Balls:

End of Ball Bonus:


(E) = Elvira; (D) = Drac; (C) = Cyclops;
(S) = Skull; (W) = Wolfman

"Hey let's party!"(E) - Start of Game
"Don't touch me there!"(E) - Start Button without Credits
"Now we're cookin'"(E) - Un-Flipped Flip-Up Target
"Oh deja vu"(E) - Un-Flipped Flip-Up Target
"Good Evening"(D) - Un-Flipped Flip-Up Target
"Don't touch me there!"(E) - Flipped Flip-Up Target
"Blah"(D) - Flipped Flip-Up Target
"Hahahaha"(S) - Skull Cave
"Lights; Organ"(D) - Start Multiball; Part 1
"Ooh nice organ!"(E) - Start Multiball; Part 2
"Party!"(W) - Start Multiball; Part 3
"Head for the cauldron!"(E) - After Left Ramp Shot during Multiball
"Quick, to the monster slide!"(D) - After Right Ramp Shot during Multiball
"Ooh jackpot!"(E) - Jackpot; Part 1
"Get down, get funky!"(D) - Jackpot; Part 2
"How 'bout another ball?"(E) - Extra Ball Serve
"Oh yeah!"(E) - Monster Slide
"Oh yeah!"(C) - Monster Slide
"Oh no"(C) - Failed Monster Slide
"Let's boogie!"(E) - Start Boogie Monster Toy
"Thank you boys"(D) - End Boogie Monster Toy
"Quick, to the cave!"(D) - To Skull Passage for 3 Million
"Ooh Monstrous!"(E) - 3 Million
"Party pooper"(E) - Drain
"Oh deja vu"(E) - Enter Initials
"Ooh Monstrous!"(E) - Match
"Hey let's party!"(E) - Random Attract
"Hahahaha"(S) - Random Attract
"Get down"(D) - Random Attract
"Blah"(D) - Random Attract

I've listed five different voices above which may be debatable. Elvira, Drac and the Skull are pretty obvious. The two calls I'm citing as Cyclops are both associated with the Monster Slide ramp switch directly behind the Cyclops plastic. I don't actually know what a Cyclops sounds like, but it seems like a reasonable association. The one call I'm citing as Wolfman sounds different from the other four voices and includes a bit of a howl; kind of a Wolfman-like howl.