Rules & Strategies

NOTE: The following is based on my particular game set to replay mode with mostly liberal game adjustments. Results may vary.

Spell B*A*L*L*Y: Spelling BALLY is one of the main objectives of the game. The two top rollover lanes award B and A. The center-right bank of three stationary targets award L, L and Y. Spelling BALLY the first time awards 10,000 points. Spelling Bally the second time awards 25,000 points. 50,000 points are awarded the third time. The outlanes are lit for Special the fourth time. The outlanes remain lit for Special for the remainder of that player's game. Spelling BALLY the fifth time and each time thereafter awards yet another Special. The status of letters and awards is displayed in the center of the playfield. Each player's status is remembered and is cumulative through all balls. The rollovers and stationary targets also score 300 points and advance the end-of-ball bonus.

BALLY letters may also be collected by way of the kickout saucer in the upper playfield. Lights above and below the saucer indicate which letter is available. Landing in the saucer collects the lit letter and advances the lights to the next letter. Rebound switches and sling shots also advance the saucer lights to the next letter. Landing in the saucer also scores 3,000 points and three end-of-ball bonus advances.

Hyper Space: The Hyper Space feature is located in the upper left orbit and consists of a ladder of lights and two star-rollover buttons. Each of the star-rollovers collects and advances the lit value from 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000 points up to lit Extra Ball and collect Extra Ball. Both inlanes also collect and advance the lit value as well as collect Extra Ball when lit. Once the Extra Ball has been earned, 10,000 points are scored each time the star-rollovers and inlanes are hit. The Hyper Space feature resets at the beginning of each ball. There is also a stationary target in front of the Hyper Space lane that scores 500 points.

Time Warp: The Time Warp feature is a return lane in the upper right area of the playfield that sends the ball back to the shooter lane for another skill shot at the upper rollovers and kickout saucer. The entrance to the Time Warp lane is rather narrow and not entirely easy to make. Sending the ball through the Time Warp lane collects the end-of-ball bonus, but does not reset the end-of-ball bonus. During a given ball, the current end-of-ball bonus (including earned multipliers) may be collected as many times as the player is able to hit the Time Warp lane.

Thumper Bumpers: There are three bumpers in the upper-center of the playfield that score 100 points per hit. The stationary target in front of the lower Thumper Bumper scores 300 points when not lit or 3,000 points when lit. The target light is toggled via the slingshots and rebound switches. The target also earns three end-of-ball bonus advances.

Click for a larger image of the upper playfield area.

Left Rollover Lanes: There are two rollover lanes located on the center-left side of the playfield. The lanes alternate in value between 500 points when not lit and 5,000 points when lit. When one lane is lit, the other is not. Rebound switches and slingshots toggle the lit lane. Each lane also advances the end-of-ball bonus.

Drop Targets: A bank of four drop targets is located in the center-left of the playfield. Knocking down all the targets awards the 2X end-of-ball bonus multiplier. Knocking down all the targets again awards the 3X end-of-ball bonus multiplier. Knocking down all the targets for the third and each subsequent time awards a Special. The targets reset at the beginning of each ball. Each target also scores 500 points and one end-of-ball bonus advance. Each completion of the bank scores an additional 5,000 points.

Click for a larger image of the center playfield area.

Slingshots: The slingshots are of the usual shape and location. There are also four rebound switches. Two switches are located to the right of the kickout saucer, one is behind the drop targets and one is below the three stationary targets. Each slingshot and rebound switch scores 10 points per hit and toggles various lit playfield features such as the kickout saucer letter, the left rollover lanes, the stationary target in front of the bottom thumper bumper and the inlanes and outlanes.

Inlanes: The inlanes score 300 points when not lit. When lit the inlanes score the current Hyper Space value and advance the Hyper Space value. Each roll though an inlane also adds one advance to the end-of-ball bonus.

Outlanes: The outlanes score 1,000 points and a special when lit.

Flippers: There are two flippers in the usual location.

Click for a larger image of the lower playfield area.

Multiball: None.

Extra Balls: Extra Balls are earned by way of the Hyper Space feature described above. Only one Extra Ball may be earned per ball in play.

End-of-Ball Bonus: At the beginning of each ball the end-of-ball bonus starts at 1,000 points and may be advanced in 1,000 point increments up to 29,000 points. Just about everything on the playfield advances the bonus except the Hyper Space stationary target and star-rollovers and the outlane switches. The kickout saucer and the stationary target below the bottom thumper bumper award three bonus advances. The bonus can be multiplied by 2X and 3X (for a potential total of 87,000 points) by way of the drop targets as described above. The total bonus can be collected multiple times during play by way of the Time Warp lane as described above. The end-of-ball bonus is collected and reset when the ball drains to the outhole. The end-of-ball bonus is lost if the game is tilted.

Specials: There are three ways to earn Specials. One is by way of the drop targets as described above and two are by way of the spell BALLY feature described above.